Do I need to prepare the ground underneath a raised vegetable garden bed in any way

I want to plant root vegetables; will they penetrate through the raised bed into the earth? Should I prepare the ground in any way before the garden bed goes on top? Also, after harvest, do I need to completely redress the raised bed with all it's original layers or can I just add some compost on top? Thanks :)


02 May 2012 09:06 AM

Hi Astrid,

Whether you prepare the ground below the raised garden bed will depend on the height of the bed. If the raised bed is quite low then I suggest you remove all the weeds and dig up the ground so that water will penetrate the ground easily. If the garden bed is quite tall for example 0.5-1.0 m then ground preparation prior to building or placing the raised garden bed is less important. You can add further layers of material as needed if it is a deep bed.

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