Can I use Mancozeb Plus' on Ficus Carica?

Can 'Mancozeb Plus' be used on Ficus Carica while in leaf? I have rust in some of my trees and can't find if they are sulphur sensitive.


21 April 2014 07:22 AM

Hi Bill,

Mancozeb Plus is not registered for use on your edible fig trees. Rust is a real problem at this time of year and it affects quite a variety of plants. One good thing is that your fig tree will soon be going into its deciduous stage and dropping its leaves. At this point in time, you can rake up all of those affected leaves and put them in the bin. Once all of the leaves have fallen, and the tree is bare, you can give your tree a good spray with a solution of Lime Sulfur. This product will clean up any of the spores that remain on the limbs of the tree preventing transferral of the disease to the new growth when it appears in spring. When spring arrives and the tree starts to put on new growth, fertilise your tree with Dynamic Lifter Plus Fruit Food to keep it strong and healthy. Ensure that tree receives at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. If there are any overhanging branches from other trees, prune them back to let in lots of sunshine. Keep the tree well watered, particularly during the hot months of the year. Enjoy harvesting your crop next year.

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