Why isn't my almond tree producing fruit?

I have had no fruit on our almond trees for two years. What can I do?


21 September 2013 01:21 AM

Hi Anne,

Almond trees are all self-sterile and need pollination from trees blossoming at the same time. The pollen is heavy and sticky and needs insects to transfer the pollen. Commercial growers place bee hives within the orchard for this purpose. Trees will start to bear 3-4 years after planting. Your almond trees will require well drained soils. They detest waterlogged soils so be careful not to overwater. Give sufficient water early in the growing season to assist with the development of the nuts. Now that it is spring the trees would benefit from an organic based fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Based Fruit Food. It can be applied both in spring and autumn.

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