Can I grow longan fruit tree in Sydney?

hi can i grow longan fruit tree in sydney?


25 April 2012 04:12 AM

Hi Roger,

Loganberries prefer cool moist climates but you may have success in your area if you can protect the bramble from the hot westerly sun. Protect the fruit from birds and possums. Yates has a wonderful new product available - Yates Possum Repellent Spray helps protect your precious plants by deterring possums from browsing on sprayed plants.
Contains a special combination of ingredients that help reduce possums browsing on plants.
Lasts for up to 7 days or more with regular re-treatment.
Can be used on ornamental and edible plants and has only a 1 day withholding period.
The formulation was developed by Professor Lynne Selwood and is protected by a patent granted to the University of Melbourne. Keep the roots cool using mulch and apply fertiliser regularly.

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