Why are my persimmon leaves curling and the fruit is small

This problem seemed to effect only one tree but now it seems like a few of the other trees also have this problem.


22 April 2019 11:10 PM

Dear Ramon,

It is difficult to know why your trees are not producing healty growth and fruit without some more information. The curling of the leaf could be from lack of water (but then you say that your trees are well irrigated). Have you checked to see if there is any insect attack? The trees can suffer with attack from scale, leafrolling and defliating caterpillars. Look to see that there is no larvae in the rolled up leaves. Persimmon psyllid is a tiny leaf feeding, aphid-like pest that can cause leaf defromation. Infested leaves will roll and curl up. I am not sure of how ofter you feed your persimmon trees. A well balanced Fruit & Citrus fertiliser should be applied in early spring and then again in late summer. This will ensure that the trees received the essential nutrients they need to produce strong healthy foliage and large juicy fruit. The mulch that you have put on the ground around your trees will certainly help to conserve the water necessary to get the trees through the hot summer months. If your are still concerned about the health of your trees, it might be worthwhile consulting an horticulturist who will be able to look at the trees first hand and give more detailed advice.

Topics: Fruit and Citrus Issues: Physical Damage