What can I use to control leaf curl on my patio lime and cumquat

I have a patio Lime, also a Cumquat. They are good growers, however the lime has developed a 'leaf curl', and the cumquat also has it to a lesser extent. Is there a treatment common to both?


15 February 2019 04:36 AM

Dear Denis,

The leaves curling on your lime and cumquat trees is likely to be caused by the citrus leafminer. The adult of this pest is a tiny moth which lays its eggs along the midrib of the young leaves. As the larvae tunnel in the leaf you will notice silvery lines and the leaf will curl around the edges. This damage only occurs on the new young leaves so it is necessary to protect these leaves from this pest by thoroughly spraying with Natures Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray. This pest is active during Summer/Autumn and when new flushes of growth appear. You will need to spray the top and bottom of the leaves with NW Citrus and Ornamental Spray every 5 - 14 days for effective control.

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