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leaf curl in citrus trees and sheild beatles on citrus trees

the sheild beatles are orange and black stripes

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

If the leaf curl is only on the new growth, more likely the tree is infested by 

a pest called Citrus Leaf Miner. A tiny nocturnal moth lays its eggs on leaves, a tiny caterpillar hatches, tunnels through the leaf distorting it as it goes to the edge, rolls it over and pupates there. 

It is active all through the warmer months and you can control it by trimming off the affected leaves and spraying Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray every 7-14 days. Click here for more info:, this product is also registered to control bronze orange bugs. 

However, if the curly leaves are all over the tree, including the matured leaves, we recommend checking on the feeding side and see if the tree has received enough potassium to support the flowering and fruiting. To assist providing balanced nutrients, try weekly application with 'Yates Thrive Citrus & Fruit Natural Fish & Seaweed+' as a complete plant food, specially developed for boosting healthy grown and yield of juicy fruit in citrus and other fruiting plants. 

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Answered: 29 Apr, 2022

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