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Where can I buy a Passimon tree?

I would like to grow a Passimon tree. The fruit looks like tomatoes, orange in colour. Grow on trees, which grows up to 3 meters tall. There are two varieties , one the fruit got to be soft before it could be eaten but I am after the one that could be eaten when the fruit is firm. I have seen many of these Passimon tree in Japan and China. Can anyone help by telling me where I could buy one. Thank you. Noon

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The persimmon you prefer is the non-astringent type and "Fuyu" and "Jiro" are excellent examples of this fruit. Bright orange, shiny skin and an excellent non-astringent flavour.
These beauties have good autumn foliage. They are self fertile and you will find that the tree grows to 4m x 4m. You should be able to order these trees from your local garden centre or on-line through stores such as Flemings Tree Nursery. More information about persimmons can be read via the link below:



Answered: 6 May, 2014

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