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Why does my coffee trees have small uneven growth, do they have a nutrient deficiency

Hi Guys, looking for some suggestions as to what nutrient is lacking in a few of my young coffee trees.. New growth at the top is very small, even undeveloped fully, leaving small, spindly shoots/leaves, and leaf edges burned on the next row down. It seems there is almost too much new growth 'trying ' to happen, and it looks all crowded and bunched. From the small amount I've researched, it could be perhaps a Boron deficiency?

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It can be tricky sometimes to get the right nutrients into a plant. It looks like you have a nutrient deficiency and yes it could be boron but it may also be iron. Apply some Yates Health Tonic Trace Elements Chelates. This product contains a wide range of micro nutrients that you plant needs, and it will correct this problem in no time.



Answered: 12 Dec, 2015

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