Why are the new branches of my organise tree covered in thorns

I have an orange tree which is at least 10 years old (it was here when I moved in). In the last couple of years it has been having bad problems with fruit fly and leaf miner. It also got a lot of mould on the trunk last year, so we cut it back quite a lot. Now all the branches which are growning back have long thorns on them (like the root stock). Is it beyond help? Or is there something we can do for it?


08 April 2019 04:12 AM

Hi there Ann,

depending on how far you cut the tree back will depend on the orange tree coming back. If you have cut past the graft then the wild lemon will be the the main plant.If you still have branches of your orange tree still appearing then prune off the wild lemon branches with thorns. make sure that you give your tree plenty of Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate solution to help it recover.

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