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Why are the leaves on my cumquat tree curling and it also has reduced foliate and poor fruiting

Tree is 4-5 years old and cropped well last year. Soil moisture is correct and treated with Yates 'Dynamic Lifter'. Spraying with Yates Pest Oil, 3 times this year has no effect. White Oil also tried. No evidence of pest burrowing tracks.

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Hi Denis,

Sorry to see your citrus tree is doing so poorly. Thank you also for sending the photo. Even though you have fertilised your cumquat tree is does look like it is lacking in nutrients. You may need to think about repotting your tree if the soil hasn't been changed in the 5 year period. There doesn't appear to be any fruit on the tree at the present, so you can pot it on now. You might like to prune out any dead branches and any dieback on the stems. Water in well with a product called Uplift Organic Starter & Root Booster or some seaweed solution. When the tree begins to flower again in spring apply some further Yates Dynamic Lifter Plant Fertiliser. This product will give your tree the nutrients it need to produce good strong growth as well as producing a good crop of cumquats.



Answered: 14 Jun, 2012

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