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Can Potash be used on all plants, trees and shrubs

I've been using potash on my Passionfruit vine to help it fruit, also my Pomegranate tree, hoping it will help the fruit develop, as they seem to start to grow and then I find them on the ground. The passionfruit finally flowered Feb-March last year but the fruit while large, took ages to colour, (it was winter) and the fruit had very thick white pith, with a small amount of sour fruit, they also developed large brown patches on the outside of the fruit, and seem to rot and fall to the ground. Can you help?.

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Hi Sandra,

You can use Sulphate of Potash on your passionfruit and pomegranate tree. It will encourage flowering and fruiting. Thick rind on passionfruit suggests a viral disease called woodiness of passionfruit. This disease is spread by sap sucking insects such as aphids. It is important to control these insects early in the season so as to avoid damage of the fruit. Large brown patches on the skin of the fruit could indicate fruit fly damage. You will notice a sting mark on the skin of the fruit followed by a sunken patch. Fruit fly can be controlled by applying a Yates product called Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control Next spring prune your passionfruit in early spring to encourage flowers to form on the new growth. Fertilise with a good quality fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter for Fruit & Citrus to keep your vine strong and healthy.



Answered: 15 Jan, 2012

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