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Why do my apricots have a small hole at the bottom of the fruit?

my apricots have these little holes at the bottom, what would be caising it to happen? i opened one up that seemed to have a little fly of some sort, looked like a flea???? where the apricots have a hole in them the other fruit has a brown bit on the end and when you open the fruit it is mouldy inside. Most of the friut on the tree is like it, what can i do to fix it?? I pruned the tree this year would this have anything to do with it? Thank you Kelly Pedler

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Dear Kelly,

Your apricot tree has developed a fungus called Brown Rot and is also infested with Driedfruit Beetles. This fungus infect blossoms, which die and then turn brown. The fungus grows from the blossoms into the flower stalks and then into the stem. Humid or showery weather with mild days and cool nights favours this disease. Fruit infection is most likely as the fruit approaches maturity. The initial small brown spot spreads rapidly and within three or four days the fruit may be completely rotted. At this stage, remove and destroy any fruit on the tree and any that may have fallen on the ground. Prune back any infected shoots which will allow better circulation within the canopy of the tree. To prevent this fungus from infecting your apricot tree next year, you should spray with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray at budswell. At shuck fall (when dead flower remains fall) apply a half strength copper spray. Driedfruit beetles lay their eggs in ripe or decaying fruit on the tree or on the ground. As the beetles move from fruit to fruit, they spread the spores of the fungal disease brown rot. In winter, the adults are found sheltering under the bark or crevices in the tree. In mid winter,when the tree is in its deciduous stage, it would be a good idea to spray the tree with Lime Sulphur to kill off this insect before it has a chance to do any damage. At this stage I would suggest the best thing to do would be to remove any infected fruit and destroy it. Prune back any infected branches and give the tree a general clean up. You may not be able to harvest any edible fruit this year, but at least you will be well prepared for next year. Good luck



Answered: 29 Nov, 2018

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