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Why are the branches dying on my Apricot tree?

The apricot tree was sprayed twice in the month of June with Mancozeb and oncw with Lime Sulpur in July before bud swell. Quite a lot of the tree has good foilage, but a lot of the tree has gum oozing out on branches and there is a lot of young branches that look dead (brown and some gum ooze) and no foliage. Is it safe to cut these dead looking branches now or should I wait until February/March. Also will these branches affect the tree if I leave it or should I spray the tree again with lime sulphur? I believe the tree has gummosis and want to try and control it.

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Hi Ray,

If the apricot tree is suffering from bacterial canker it is best to prune it when the tree is actively growing (generally late summer before autumn leaf fall) so that the wounds heal. Try to avoid overhead watering. Prune out infected limbs and branches during the summer months. At leaf fall in autumn spray with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray. Applying further copper sprays at bud swell. Oriental fruit moth lays its eggs on the under surface of leaves or on stems near young shoots. The larvae tunnel down the shoots causing the leaves to turn brown and die. Gum is produced around the twig. If you see evidence of this pest then cut off the infected tips early in the season. Wrap corrugated cardboard or hessian around the trunk by about the end of December and inspect regularly and remove the larvae.



Answered: 14 Oct, 2012

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