My Apricot tree is sick, can you please help

I have a VERY large Apricot tree (we bought the house this year so already established tree) and it has an abundance of fruit already, however there are a number of branches stemming from a rather large branch (approx 15cm diameter) that have all died off (fruit, leaves and all). Could this be a result of a disease? There is some sticky sap gunk on the branch. Should i be removing this whole branch or treating it with something? Thanks


02 February 2019 04:38 AM

Dear Marcelle

Your apricot tree does have a disease which is called "gummosis" or "dead arm disease" resulting in excessive gumming with wilting and dieback. This disease usually gains entry via pruning cuts. To control this disease you will need to prune off the infected branches. Make sure you make a good clean cut when pruning and cut off the infected branches close to the trunk. To help your tree to recover, it will need regular watering and a mulch around the tree to keep that moisture in the soil.

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