Can I use White Oil on my citrus when fruiting

I have a mandarin with different size of fruit on it from very tiny to midsize ,can I spray this tree with white oil to get rid of sooty mould. Will it hurt the fruit?


09 November 2013 06:05 AM

Hi Trish

Yates White Oil can be sprayed onto citrus trees to lift the Sooty Mould that is appearing on the leaves. Sooty Mould is there as a result of a sap sucking insect e.g. scale having been present at some time. When spraying the Yates White Oil it is directed onto the leaf itself as this is where the pest will be present. If some of the over-spray of the product is sprayed onto the fruit, it will not harm the fruit in any way. It is important though that you do not spray when temperatures are near 32 degrees C.

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