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What plants would you recommend to plant in pots along a pool colourbond fence?

Looking for something to grow in pots along a colourbond fence. I was thinking of something like a mandevilla or bouganvillea. Any suggestions. I would prefer something colourful but not anything that would drop too many leaves as it is alongside a poo

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Dear Carmen,

If you are looking for climbing plants to plant in pots around your pool, I would suggest hardy climbers such as Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), Pandorea jasminoides (pink flowering) Pandorea Lady Di (white flowering) Hibbertia scandens(yellow flowering) Hardenbertia violacea(purple flowering (both stunning native climbers) and Mandevllea Alice Du Pont. All of these climbers will grow in warm spots around a pool area. In order for these plants to do well in pots, they will need to be planted in large pots, say 500mm - 600mm in diameter and planted into a good quality potting mix that contains water crystals. The pots will need to be watered regularly, particularly when it is hot. Check out your local nursery. I am sure they will have a great selection of climbers that will be suitable for your pool area.



Answered: 9 Feb, 2019

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