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What are the most fragrant rose bushes?

The original rose I saw was lost to the rubbish tip, much to my disgust. I have not seen this rose anywhere since. I was told that it was Mr Lincon but these flowers are not anywhere near dark enough. Can anybody help?

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Dear Warwick,

There is a red rose called Blackboy, but it is a climbing rose. Were you looking for a hybrid tea rose or a floribunda rose? I have listed some bush type red flowering roses that are highly scented. You might like to enquire at your local nursery to see if they have some of these roses in stock:- David Autin Roses - Fishermans Friend, Falstaff, The Dark Lady Bush Roses: Camp David, Black Velvet, Papa Meilland, Red Cross, Cara Mia, Black Velvet, Black Magic. Hope this info helps you to find the rose you are looking for.



Answered: 28 Jul, 2019

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