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What are some plants that have shallow root systems for Brisbane growing in full sun

The garden bed is on a podium above the underground carpark in a high rise complex. It is only 300mm deep, has drainage cells, good soil and mulch in full sun, irrigated but also exposed to wind. Looking for a tropical look, other surrounding plants include ixora, viburnum tinus, trachelospermum jasminoides tricolor, nandina. Would crotons be ok?

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Hi Gloria,

crotons need a sheletered spot out of the wind or the leaves will be constantly damaged and burnt. We can't really give you a good list without seeing the site, but for shallow rooted plants in a hot windy spot perhaps you could also look at some of the native grasses now available or perhaps some grevillea groundcovers or small natives plants. Also look at cannas and coloured flax. Cordylines, palms and hibiscus will probably get too big and blow out of the shallow soil in time, as may the viburnum tinus.



Answered: 3 Jan, 2019

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