How do I remove mop top suckers permanently from coming up?

They originally came from my neighbours' gardens. There is still a row of mop tops the other side of the back fence. My house was demolished 2 months ago and the block was raked to 600mm deep. All foliage bar a jacaranda was removed including several mature mop top suckers which had grown from my neighbours' trees over a period of 8 years. Since demo I have seen 5 baby suckers under the jacaranda and expect to see many more. During the demo the roots of the mop tops would have been damaged and I understand they will probably sucker more as a result. I thought injecting the soil on the boundary to create a 600mm deep x 300 wide barrier might help but have also read that barriers make them sucker more. Do you know where they would sucker in this case? My neighbour's or my garden? I can poison the suckers as they come as suggested in one of your previous answers. Should I also try to limit their root structure with a barrier? As I am intending to plant a new garden once the house is built, any help would be really appreciated! Thanks, Amanda


03 December 2012 02:40 PM

Hi Amanda,

I can understand how frustrating it must be to see suckers appearing again after the trees have been removed. I really think you need to get some professional advice from a qualified aborist who would have the expertise to deal with this situation. You want to get it right before you build your house and create new garden beds. I wish you well.

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