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Can you please advise how to grow and care for Lisianthus plants

I brought 3 Lisianthus plants from work tonite and they are a bit droopy, im guessing from been inside in aircon the soil seems moist enuff. I have brought them home and given a good drink, there is no care/instructions tag on them though - Can you give me some advise on position in garden and fertiliser care for these guys please ... Im not much of a green thumb but I luv these color flowers - Thanks in advance

Flowers and Ornamentals • Plants

Lisianthus prefer to grow in warm temperate areas and thrive in well drained, fertile soil. Plant into a sunny position and keep the plants well watered. A soluble fertiliser such as Aquasol Soluble Plant Food or Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Plant Food soluble fertiliser will encourage and prolong flowering.



Answered: 26 Nov, 2013

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