Why is my Old Mans Beard dying and can I save it

It has developed dead patches. It is on an enclosed patio. I am living in the foothills in the Blue Mountains in Glossodia. Can you please tell me what to do. Regards Carole.


09 October 2019 02:59 AM

Dear Carole,

I am sorry to hear that your Old Man's Beard is not doing so well. Perhaps it has suffered with the cold winter this year. It is an epiphytic bromeliad and draws it moisture and nutrients from the air. When the weather warms up perhaps you could rejuvinate it by spraying a diluted solution of soluble fertilier onto the foliage. It might be worthwhile taking a good piece of the foliage and placing it on a tree in a shady position to see if you can encourage it to grow. That way you will have two plants and it will give it a better chance of surviving.

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