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How do I kill the roots of an unwanted westringia plant?

I am asking for my aunt. She had someone come in and dug up the plant and thet said the roots were gone. It is the second time the plant died but the ones on either side are still there.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Hi Karina,

The westringia may have had the roots chewed by curl grub larvae which are beetle larvae. Often the grubs can be seen when weeding around the plants within the garden bed or when a plant is removed. These can be dug up as there is no chemical control method. Sometimes the Westringia can die due to excessive wet weather which causes root rot to develop. Try and improve the drainage in that area and also spray some Anti Rot on the foliage of any plants that appear to be suffering from root rot.



Answered: 6 Feb, 2012

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