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When is the best time to use sulphate of potash on all orchids

How much per litre for advanced plants and how much for seedlings

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Hi Ronda,

The time to feed your orchids would be during the growing season. You may need to wait now until spring before using the sulphate of potash. During their growing period the product can be used every 4 weeks. In soluble form dissolve 20 grams of the product in 9 litres of water and apply over an area of 2 square metres. Yates does produce an excellent Orchid Food which is high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. When dissolved, the nutrients in this product will be rapidly absorbed by the foliage and roots and will certainly help to encourage lots of beautiful blooms. The rate to use is 9 grams in 4 litres of water giving each pot a half a litre of solution. Of course if it is a large pot, it will need all of that half a litre but if the pot is small, just give enough of the solution to moisten the bark mix and allow to drain through to the bottom of the pot. Have fun growing this beautiful plant.



Answered: 19 Jul, 2013

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