How often should you use Yates Chelated Iron?

I've used chelated iron an my shrubs and bushes but they are looking yellow again. How long does the dose last and when does it need to be reapplied?


09 April 2011 07:48 AM

Dear Deb,

If you have just applied the chelated iron it can take several weeks for you to see any results. Iron is essential if plants are to make chlorophyll and use nitrate. Growing plants will need a continual supply of iron if they are to grow well. You might like to check the pH of your soil as the pH will affect the availability of nutrients to the plant. If the soil is alkaline, this will affect the availability of iron to the plant. You may need to lower the pH if the pH is too high and this can be done with a product called Acitone. This product contains iron, aluminium and sulphur which will acidify the soil. Wet soils during periods of prolonged wet weather can also contribute to a deficiency of this necessary nutrient. After altering the pH and if you plants still continue to show signs of iron deficiency, you may need to apply a further application of chelated iron in the spring.

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