Greenie goes Wild - It's Raining White Balls

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Just starting off...

Its Raining (Gumballs) White Balls!!!!

In my previous blog photo’s you may have seen white balls in the garden and wondered ….  WHY ….. the dreaded White Cabbage Moth/Butterfly is ….  WHY ….. 

It’s like they can smell their favourite snack at a thousand paces.  Their favourite meal in  my garden is bok choy, any brassica and  baby rocket seedlings.

  1. First comes the healthy plant
  2. Second comes these beautiful looking white butterfly’s, that look so lovely as they flit through your garden, yes the dreaded white cabbage moth/butterfly
  3. Thirdly you notice a little hole or a little in a little leaf
  4. Next when you turn over the leaf you notice tiny little white/cream eggs on the underside of the leaf or tiny, tiny little grubs which means the eggs have hatched
  5. finally if you don’t squash or spray these little pests then you will have no seedling left and many more beautiful white butterfly’s flitting around your garden!!!

          Getting back to the white balls ……

I read in a gardening magazine a few years ago that if you put white eggshells in the garden that the white cabbage moth will view this as competition to their snack and won’t land and lay thier eggs.

I trialled the eggshells but found they broke down too fast and wern’t white enough.  So then i discovered white balls, cheap, last forever, stay white and they do seem to deter the moths.  Not with a 100 percent success rate but enough that you can control them with some squishing and some minor spraying if needed.

Let me know if you trial little white balls and how it works for you.

C U in the Garden.  Greenie.