Thinned turnip fry-up

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I am terrrrrrrible at thinning my seedlings. Can’t bear it. With all that waiting and praying and finger-crossing for things to germinate, it feels unconscionable then to rip them out. But of course my let-everything-grow policy has been cramping my veggums’ style, particularly with the root veg, which has nowhere to get subterraneanly bulbous when it’s rubbing bulbosities with its neighbour.

I finally pulled out every second turnip this morning so that the ones that remained could have a chance at normal rootly growth. It’s a little late in their development for thinning, but the lateness has meant that what I pulled up was big enough for lunch. As is my wont, I chopped my thinned turnip roots from their leaves, roughly chopped the leaves in half, and threw the lot into a frypan with some garlic, soy sausage, sunflower seeds. sesame seed oil and lemon juice. I hereby dub thee Sir Lunch.

So, the turnips that remain are there in that earthy photo. They don’t look particularly thinned, actually, but here’s hoping that they enjoy the extra elbow room and do some serious embiggening.