Problems with Wind no This Isn't About Cabbage

hi-ho to vegetables is talking about growing Sweetcorn from Melbourne

Garden in progress

In Melbourne it has been so windy lately.  It’s hard to know how to protect my vegies as the wind seems to come from all directions. Lucky I have shadecloth for a lot of my raised beds. So far I haven’t lost any plants to the wind although they have been bashed around a bit. I went away for a while so when I got back the worst damage I found was my Bottlebrush tree which brings lots of native birds and bees. Unfortunately my son had to remove a lot of the broken limbs from it and now it looks so bare and unbalanced. I think the Sweetcorn didn’t get blown over because they have nice solid stems so must have good roots anchoring underneath.  Don’t forget you need to water more because the wind dries the topsoil quickly. Or put some extra mulch now it’s hot and windy.