Been a Season of Ups and Downs

growalot is talking about growing Capsicum, Sweetcorn, Tomato from Melbourne

Garden in progress

The downs have been either losing my Sweetcorn to snails or having trouble getting them to germinate in the first place. No joy with Sweetcorn so far.  I have decided not to grow Capsicum this year. The wait to get fruit in Mélbourne is far too long. I’ve decided to use the space for crops that ?ill reward me earlier. So I’ve sown Beans and Melons.  As for the ups??  Well my greenhouse nearly blew away. What was that film – Danny Deckchair or something?  Luckily, the tray of Basil inside did’t tip over completely and I rescued it. Can’t grow Tomatoes and not have Basil. I am getting sick of going back to the drawing board this season!  Fortunately my Tomatoes all seem to be growing well.