In Progress...

cassiep_87 is talking about growing Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini, Cauliflower from Riverina

Garden in progress

Many of the seeds are now up, with a number of seedlings (the tomatoes) given to us by family now planted into the veggie patch also. Unfortunately the weeds are also loving the manure and water and are powering on. We are not wanting to use sprays so for now are just pulling them out by hand or turning with a shovel!

With many hot summer days upon us, I have laid rice straw (which is readily available around the farm), on the beds to try and retain some soil moisture.

We have also erected some pickets and twine to support the tomatoes as they grow, which should be rapid in this warm weather!

The sweetcorn is coming along quickly, and we plan to plant more seeds in the next few days so that we have a continuous supply when harvesting.

Some seeds seem to be quite slow or have been eaten without my knowledge! These include carrots, capsicums and eggplant! More time may tell….

That’s all from our patch today! Looking forward to everything getting bigger!