Beans vs Earwigs/Slugs and Crazy Melbourne Weather!

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Garden in progress

So I had a rather upsetting experience with my bush & pole beans… I decided that the weather was finally warm enough to plant them out and now it looks like I might have to start all over again!

First they got attacked by bloody earwigs & slugs which I caught red handed at night time when I went out on a pest hunting excursion with my torchlight and then to top it all off they got burnt to a crisp with the 3 days of unusually warm spring weather we just had which was then followed by an artic blast!!

If I were a plant I’d be giving up too right about now but a few are clinging on for dear life! I’ve attached a photo numbered 1 to 4 to show what they looked like before the spring heatwave. One moment their looking like show quality nursery seedlings all lush & happy and a few days after being exposed to the elements they are now just looking sad & miserable! but I guess thats what happens when you go from a sheltered greenhouse environment to the wild outdoors having to fend for yourself :(

ps: if anyone knows how I can attach more then 1 photo to an invidiual post please let me know! I had to use windows paint to join these 4 images together but I think it’s coming up way too small to really see what my poor babies look like!