cucumber, chilli and capsicums seedlings

ben and leons vegie patch is talking about growing Capsicum from Melbourne

Just starting off...

Varieties include:

  • birds eye chilli            (great flavour and heat)
  • capsicum/peppers      (assorted hellfire mix)
  • lebanese cucumbers   (very productive but stay ontop of powdery mildew!)

powdery mildew control options are:

  1. yates lime sulphur spray at 10mls per litre
  2. potassium bicarbonate mixed at a rate of 4grams per litre with 2mls botanical oil

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never exceed the concentrations stated on the packaging as they are there for a reason! trust me I know it’s very tempting to mix a stronger concentration thinking more is better but I have killed enough plants to know better than to mess with the experts! I usually find one good spray ensuring complete coverage (ie: till the whole plant is dripping) stops powdery mildew in its tracks but in a bad year you might have to spray every 14 days roughly to keep it under control (more frequently if there has been a lot of rain!)