Overflow of Alliums

Sweet_Potato is talking about growing Beans, Carrot, Tomato, Beetroot from Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Garden ready!

As we launch into the Summer watering program (TheBornFarmer intends to combat the high temperatures with an extensive dripper system) I’m having to pull up the Winter alliums so they don’t rot in the ground.

The fridge, as a result, is filled with onions, garlic, and a fair batch of carrots, beets and spuds. We’re planning a lot of roast dinners over coming weeks.

In addition to cooking from fresh, I intend to slice and freeze the white onions for cooking and mince the garlic into butter and freeze, wrapped in cylinders of greaseproof paper. I did this with herbs and garlic last year, sliced the cylinders into discs and used them all winter to flavour my cooking.

In fact, we have replaced our old chest freezer with a bigger, energy efficient upgrade that we expect to fill with produce this Summer. Before the first batch of tomatoes I better use up that very last snap lock bag of beans though.