A Ton of Tomatoes

Sweet_Potato is talking about growing Tomato from Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Garden in progress

This year is The Italian Christmas and I expect to have an excess of tomato seedlings to gift to my brother’s in-laws.

In our garden alone we have more than 25 varieties, maybe 40 plants. I have another 40 seedlings on the go. In the past month TheBornFarmer has created an additional 9m x 1.4m x .5m garden bed for tomatoes, 8 tyre gardens for the melons and topped up the soil under the fruit trees with manure and straw so I could squeeze in more zucchinis and pumpkins. Now everything is on a watering system with drippers and looking fantastic as a result.

Now he’s halfway through a chook yard and enclosure for my ducks so they can make the move to TheShouse and away from the marauding fox or neighbouring dog that took my silky hens & 7 ducklings.

But the tomatoes – oh, the tomatoes! Green Zebras, Thai Pink Eggs, Yellow Oxhearts, Black Krims and Rouge de Marmandes! Lemondrops, Honey Grapes, Black Cherries and the big orange Kellogg’s Breakfast!

I’m greedy for more space so I can expand my fruity empire! I think another bed will be MY Christmas present – I’ll hint, broadly, to TheBornFarmer. It’s cheaper than jewelry I guess.