First Harvest, Next Harvest

Sweet_Potato is talking about growing Tomato from Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Garden in progress

My tyre garden is ready for the next harvest. We’ve already plucked a harvest ofSugarSnaps and baby spinach (Lazio). Now the heirloom lettuces are ready and I’ve dug in my tomatoes between them, including Green Globes, Costoluto Genevese, TommyToe GenY, Wapsiconian Peach. I grew these colourful varieties from seed in biodegradable seedling pots in a 1:1:1 mix of local sandy soil, composted cow manure and seed and potting mix..

Tyre gardens are controversial. Many believe they leech toxins into the soil as they decompose so we don’t plant root veg into them but maximising space and reusing materials is very important to us and tyres are readily available in a farming community. I’d rather use them this way than see them burnt.

For tomatoes and melons, the tyre towers hold water, warm the soil and make great raised beds. I’m especially excited about my tomatoes – I’ve never before grown these varieties. I’m also trialling a few melons out there – Moon & Stars, yellow-fleshed Sweet Siberian and the champagne variety Cream of Sasquatuan.