Popeye Knew What He Was Talking About

Sweet_Potato is talking about growing Cabbage from Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Garden ready!

I never knew I liked spinach, or silverbeet, until I grew it. 

Now, in TheShouse garden we grow Viking, Vitamin Green and Bright Lights, as well as some crisp white-ribbed relative with a marketing company’s flash Asian name (it’s just silverbeet!) and we use them in pasta sauces, green smoothies, dips and – my favourite – for breakfast with eggs and mushroom and, in Summer, with cherry tomatoes.

It always amazes me how vibrant the colours of the Bright Lights ribs are. It reminds me that all the colours we associate with our technicolor, high definition world began in nature. I just cannot understand why these varieties don’t make it to the supermarket shelves.

Right now I have spinach going to seed in ine corner and sprouting up in another…right in time for Summer Sunday BBQ breakfasts.