Sweet Memories

Sweet_Potato is talking about growing Tomato from Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Garden in progress

We grew up in Northern NSW living next door to a retired farmer.

Uncle Cec brought us orphaned lambs to nurse, let us lay down mouth open under the honey press (returning home sticky and giddy with sugar), he grew spring onions in old milk cans and gave us permission to eat any tomatoes that grew through our side of the fence. Uncle Cec didn’t grow beefsteaks or oxhearts – only cherry tomatoes in yellow, orange and red.

On those hot tropical days when I would sit in the shade of the vines reading a book and popping those bite-sizes balls of deliciousness into my mouth I knew I loved tomatoes.

15 years later, learning to shop for my own groceries, I was equally sure I didn’t like them.

Now another decade or two has passed and my children walk through TheShouse garden picking multi-coloured tomatoes of all sizes to snack on in the sunshine. It’s a legacy, one I hope they will pass on to their own children in their own gardens one day.