Romagirl is talking about growing Tomato, Zucchini from Hunter

Garden ready!

They are so cute, I love them.  :)

 There are heaps of them all over my vegies today!  It’s extremely windy but they don’t seem to notice, they just hover around and came over to check me out with the camera! How cute is that!!  A lot are just sitting quietly on the veg leaves so maybe they are noticing the wind – I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s really sweet to see them, they are so graceful and gentle and remind me of little fairies…….

 I wrote this yesterday and today the wind has dropped totally – it didn’t bring rain :(   but there are still a few of these little Bees around (I’m assuming they are native bees) In fact when I went outside I was dodging Butterfly’s, Bees & other insects everywhere – whatever is going on???!  :)

I’m always a bit sad when it comes to the end of the challenge.  Regardless of whether the vegies grow or not I really enjoy the challenge of trying.  A lot of people say to me

“oh no! I couldn’t do that, I’m hopeless at growing things”

and I just can’t seem to get it through to them that it’s the trying and persevering that counts.  I guess if you don’t like gardening you just don’t like it!!!  Not really something I can relate to though thankfully. 

Everything in the garden is looking so happy today.  It’s as if a huge load has been taken off their shoulders since I had the big cleanout and pruning session 2 days ago.  I guess in a way it has been as they have more space to breathe and the ones at the back are receiving more sun.  There are 2 more Zucchini ready to pick – 1 green, 1 yellow so I’m pretty happy about that.

Still waiting for the Tomato’s to ripen but it shouldn’t be too long now.  Everything has been fertilised again so I’m looking forward to good growth in the near future!

On that positive note I’ll finish up for this challenge.  My hubby has surgery in a few days time so I doubt I’ll be able to submit any more blogs before the closing date. I hope you all have a lovely holiday season and maybe we’ll catch up again in 2016.

Cheers Everyone!