Final Update #5 BEANS & BROCOLLETI

Romagirl is talking about growing Beans, Broccoli from Hunter

Garden in progress

As you can see in the pic my Beans are not the happiest vegie in my garden…  They took a long time to germinate and they really havn’t thrived as I expected them to.  Someone said it’s too hot but I don’t know.   At least they’re still alive so that’s a big plus!  Maybe they will also come good once the weather cools a bit…..

As for the Broccoletti… I’ve had a few insignificant, miniature  Florettes off them.  Not enough for a meal but nice chopped up in the salad.  When we got home from our week away they were absolutely covered in seed pods! Dozens of them!!  I’ve cut them all back to stems only as I really don’t want hundreds of broccoli seeds germinating all over the yard – a few yes but not that many lol!

Hopefully they’ll grow again and thicken up a bit.  I think next time I’ll just grow the ordinary Broccoli instead of the fancy ones Lol!  I seem to have more success with them!


See you all next time! Image result for smiley faces pictures