Romagirl is talking about growing Tomato from Hunter

Garden in progress

A Pat on the Back –  my Patio Prize Tomato has really done well!  :D   You can see in the pic the before and now product.  No, I havn’t eaten any of it’s tomato’s yet but this bush was a very sad, pale, poor excuse for a tomato seedling and I made it my personal challenge to bring it up to scratch.  It’s taken the entire length of the challenge to be this good but it has rich green leaves and quite a lot of tomato’s on it. (I’m only on day 69 as I didn’t realise the challenge had begun until later) I’m really excited about how good it is looking and how well it’s producing.  All I have to do now is keep the fruit fly away and all being well we’ll have some lovely tommies from it very soon. :)

The other Tomato in the pic is Grape Tomato seedlings I grew from seed.  They are such a delicious tomato so I cut one in half and planted it as it was. Very soon I had a lot of baby seedlings up and now have way too many but they will be shared around!

 I want to put some of these in one of those Tomato Hanging Bags and try that system out. It looks like a great way to grow them rather than have them climbing.

Has anybody else tried this?

My dream is to one of these days have a ‘real’ garden – preferably in the ground (rather than pots) – inside a greenhouse with all the Trellises and bits and pieces I could possibly want & need to have the perfect growing conditions….

I’m allowed to keep dreaming hehehe!

…until next time …  Image result for smiley faces pictures