Final Update #3 BEETROOT & CARROTS

Romagirl is talking about growing Beetroot, Carrot from Hunter

Garden ready!

I read that Bulls Blood Beetroot doesn’t have edible boles but I think if they’re let grow long enough they will.  I pulled out every alternate beetroot because the poor garden was so overgrown with them, the Carrots couldn’t even see the light of day!!! All the ones I pulled out had a small bole – a bit smaller than a baby beet – you can see the difference in the pic. 

It was a bit of a bonus as I not only got a lovely bunch of large Beetroot leaves to steam up but also a few extra unexpected beetroot to put in my salads.  Can’t complain about that!

It’s made such an amazing difference to the entire garden pulling out those beetroot, along with everything else I culled or pruned.  Actually I’m amazed at how ruthless I was.  I’m usually such a sook when it comes to removing plants of any kind – except for weeds of course!! Haha! :)

Maybe now the Carrots will be able to hold their heads high and produce some edible – and tasty – good sized carrots.  This is another thing I’m a bit ‘iffy’ about growing again.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so fussy.  At this rate I’m beginning to wonder what will be left for me to grow in the next challenge…. Afterall, it isn’t called a ‘Challenge’ for nothing!  ;)

More next blog, see you then!  Image result for smiley faces pictures