Romagirl is talking about growing Brusselsprouts, Zucchini, Cabbage from Hunter

Garden in progress

Not much to say about these.  The Cabbage has really been hampered by the lack of Sun!  They (all 3 of them) are spindly and 2 are pretty ‘moth eaten’ I had a radical clean up in the gardens today whereby I cut a lot of the Zucchini leaves off and pulled all but 1 lettuce out ( they were going to seed) and have now allowed a lot more air & sunlight to filter throughout the vegies.  My Spanish Onions are going to be very happy and thank me soon I expect!  ;) They’ve all been flattened by everything else but have held on bravely.  It’ll be good to have some lovely home grown onions, they taste so much nicer than bought ones – as do all vegies of course!   

With a bit of luck now the cabbages will also begin to grow normally.  Not sure though as they could just revolt and Bolt!!!  The Brusselsprouts don’t like hot weather so I’m hoping the plants will stay healthy until Autumn arrives and then I might get some nice little Brussels.  I’m not really expecting much from the ones in the pic as it’s very hot here for them.

I’ve decided I’m not growing Brassica in the future….I think…. ;)  They are too hard to keep nice and free of bugs & disease.  If the zucchini don’t start producing more edible fruit in the next couple of weeks they are coming out as well and I’ll just have to resort to buying them worse luck!  So far I’ve only had the 2 come to fruition but I was away for a week and couldn’t expect our housesitters to hand fertilise them so they have another chance…..

Well that’s all on these – the pic only shows the Brusselsprouts & Cabbage.  I had a pic of my 2 zucchini on another recent blog.

I hope your gardens are producing well!

See you next time!Image result for smiley faces pictures