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Madmarg is talking about growing Tomato from Adelaide

Garden ready!

My final photo shows the four Tomato plants, lush and growing strongly.  In front, hidden by the foliage is a row of Gourmet Basil grown from seed and coming along nicely – the smell is beautiful.  Now the Tomatoes – for all my worry about lack of fruit, they are heavily laden with miniature fruit.  I will pick two Grosse Lisse this week (they are pinking up nicely).  The Tommy Toe is a bolter and has a heavy crop.  The Mighty Red was the last to fruit but is now fruiting very well.  Finally the Roma – it has blossom end rot and I don’t know why – I made sure there was adequate Calcium in the soil (via Gypsum) it was well composted, properly fed and watered regularly.  I’ve had this problem previously with Roma tomatoes and it is really disappointing.  I continue to pick off any fruit displaying “the rot”.  Next year I will try this Tomato one more time, raising it separately in a large pot and if I get the same result I’ll be crossing this variety off the list.  Overall, I’ve enjoyed participating in the Challenge and as can be expected with some success but also failure, guess growing veggies is much the same as life, filled with ups and downs.  Good Growing to everyone and the Compliments of the Season.  Ollie the Garden Supervisor didn’t want to be  in the photos this year – guess because he’s been a little unwell, but OK now.