A True Kitchen Garden! Kids in the Garden and in the Kitchen!

LLLZ is talking about growing Capsicum, Tomato, Brusselsprouts, Sweetcorn, Zucchini from Hunter

Garden ready!

The garden is getting into the kitchen! That is the whole purpose I guess! Well, no… as I said in my first post, there are SO many benefits to gardening other than the food and we are enjoying them too. 

Yesterday we had our wheat harvest!!! 

  • a pair of scissors to cut the wheat
  • a plastic bag to gather it
  • a rolling pin to thresh it
  • and great “Hebden Wind” to winnow it!

We had the windiest day yesterday, so it was perfect! We reaped 230grams of wheat across the 1m square… so about 0.23 tonnes per hectare… lucky I’m not trying to grow it commercially (farmers would be hoping for somewhere between 2-5 tonnes/hectare!)

So we ground it up in the thermomix (Levi enthusiastically pressing the buttons – definitely a favourite kitchen tool when I find him stirring his cereal pretending he’s a thermomix!), then baked up a loaf of bread!  Delicious! And to think that the grain has grown from 20 year old wheat that my grandfather grew!  We enjoyed the bread with potato and leek soup… also from the garden!

I have failed to grow potatos previously, but this year I had some potatos growing in the cupboard and so we decided to go and dump them in the vegie garden to see what would happen. A week later, I was told it was the wrong time of year… but “oh well”!  Needless to say only about a third of them grew, but that in itself was exciting anyway! Then came the attack of the 28 spotted lady bird… and the plants were eaten to mere shreds. I showed them to dad one day when we were checking out the garden and said I was sad to see they were failing again. He asked if I’d had flowers and I sadly said no. But he just suggested I dig around under them and check… and what do you know! Potatoes!!! We couldn’t believe it!  Levi got in there and started wriggling his hands in the mulch… “mum, I felt a hard bit… and look!… a potato!!” So our joy was ignited again! 

 Tonight we enjoyed baked potatoes as well as a lovely mix of zucchini, spring onion and purple chard straight from the garden.  So we are enjoying the fruits of our labours and looking forward to lots more! 

Currently we have another rockmelon seed just sprouted, so we’re hoping it will get past the two leaf stage before a snail comes along this time! The brusselsprout plant (yes, we’re down to singular) appears to be just stuck in time… not dying, but not growing either… I really think this heat is not for it. We have some lovely large green tomatos so just a little time for them (and maybe some better staking!) and we planted our third succession of sweetcorn today as all those tall cornstalks looking health are just spurring us on!  I really don’t know how many times we’ve planted capsicum seeds, but we have 3 seedlings that seem to be stuck in time, and 1 new one… who  knows what will happen??

Anyway, we are thrilled to be enjoying fresh home grown vegies as well as the opportunity to be out in the garden enjoying the miracle of growing things. 

And a little tongue in cheek…

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes. ~Author Unknown


Photo today is of the happy corn and beans, as well as some little potato plants. Along with a few self-sown tomatos that we can’t keep on top of!