Bed #3 - the experimental zone

Scuba78Steve is talking about growing Beans, Tomato, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Herbs from Melbourne

Garden in progress

Im up to the update of garden bed number 3 of my 5.

In this garden bed I have a new and very interstersting plant growing this year called a tomatillo. They are very popular in mexican cooking and look like a small green tomato. The plants are completely different though, as is the flavour. Its my first year growing these beauties, and they have been a real chllenge because the seeds were so small and they took ages to germinate. However, the plants are now on fire and growing very well.

I have also include another new plant in here called a “Huacatay” which is a type of black mint from South America.  According to my source it is very good at keeping pests away and the leaves also make a lovely sauce. Ill try and post a close up of his plant soon.

I also have been experimenting in this bed with soya beans, lebanese cucumbers and spring onions. There is a little bit of space left over and I hope to get some more herbs in here if I can get the seelings big enough.