My salad bowl - Bed #2 update.

Scuba78Steve is talking about growing Beans, Capsicum, Zucchini, Lettuce from Melbourne

Garden ready!

Here is an overview of the current state of play in my second garden bed.

I have 2 zucchini plants, with some young snake beans, my third crop of lettuce for the summer and  the purslane and some random capsicum and eggplants.

This bed has been the most productive bed in the garden so far this year. Its I have already posted recently about the prolific zucchini, but the rest of the bed is a real salad bowl with lots of things to pick and much on. Im looking forward to when the climbing snake beans will start their rowth phase and get busy on the trelis I have prepared for them. They yellowed off quite badly after I planted them and then the first set of new leaves got smashed by aphids, but the good bugs in the garden seem to have knocked them off now. 

Fingers crossed for good growth.