Happy new year - update on my tomato and capsicum garden bed (bed 1 of 5)

Scuba78Steve is talking about growing Capsicum, Tomato from Melbourne

Garden ready!

Well happy new year everyone.

This is my tomato and capsicum raised garden bed. I have 5 garden beds and I will try and get round to updating you all on them during the week. 

The tomatoe plants keep on powering up the home-made trelis with some very strong growth. I have been getting more fruit to set on the tomatoes but the pollination rate is still low compared to last year. The capsicum have also been slow to produce fruit although I have a few coming on now (just a bit bigger than a golf ball size). I expect them to get bigger than that hopefully. I think that the hot weather will help with these guys.

In other news I  have noticed a fair bit of crusting developing in this garden bed this year as well which I have been trying to work on every week by using mulch and scratching at the surface of the soil with my little hand fork. Helps the water to penetrate into the underlying soil which is importasnt in these hot summer months. Once the soil dries out it can be difficult to get it to hold moisture again.