Good progress in the tomato bed but not setting enough fruit

Scuba78Steve is talking about growing Capsicum, Tomato, Lettuce from Melbourne

Garden in progress

So 98 days after I sowed the first tomato seed of the season I think I have achieved a lot of good growth in my tomato patch.

I have a few green tomatoes starting to swell under all these leaves but I have noticed that some of my plants are not setting enough fruit with some of the flowers withering a couple of days after they open. Not quite sure what to do there?

I wondr how long it will take these plants to reach the top of the trellis?

Also in this patch are the rocket and capsicum plants (right at the front). The rocket has now bolted to seed so they will be pulled out shortly with the next generation sown and already coming up in another garden bed.  The capsicum are growing well but also have not yet set any good fruit (despite a lot of flowers). I am hoping to see some babies soon please!