Meegz78's Vegie Growing Challenge 2013


Crazy weather!!

Meegz78 is talking about growing Beans from Adelaide

So despite an early and wonderful sunny start to spring, the last few days have been like Mother Nature's reminder of winter.  Today was absolutely pouring all day! Normally if it was light rain i would happily potter in the garden, but th...

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All the Hard Yakka!

Meegz78 is talking about growing Beans, Peas, Broadbeans from Adelaide

Today 2 of my 6 raised garden beds were put together, popped in place and filled with our clean fill and loads and loads of manure! By the time the seeds sprout and are ready to plant the soil will be wonderfully rich and full of nutrients for ...

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Oh so excited!!

Meegz78 is talking about growing Tomato from Adelaide

This challenge is exciting for me because it co-incides with my starting of a vegie patch in our new house!! I have purchased raised garden beds, seeds, seedling trays, seed raising mix and a few different types of manure.

I managed to ...

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