The end of zucchini.

Meegz78 is talking about growing Zucchini, Lettuce from Adelaide

Garden ready!

I have 2 more zucchini this big on my plants. I picked them yesterday and will bake one and then fry one.

The plants look like they are at the end of their lifespan, so I’m already plotting to plant something else there. My brother-in-law has said they may give me another lot of fruit….but you know when you just have that instinct… I just know this is it.

So I will just tidy them up a bit, pull off any dead leaves, any zucchini that didn’t make it and chuck it into the compost.

My lettuce is at the end too in my other garden bed, so I need to make the decision there what to plant. I have 2 plants I’m letting go to bolt so that I can save the seeds for next season.